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Fish Butchery’s Fish Pie

By August 11, 2022January 22nd, 2024Chefs, News, Recipes, Uncategorized

The Fish Butchery’s Fish Pie featured at the Narooma Oyster Festival in 2019 and is a year-round favourite of ours, served with a salad in summer and oven roasted veggies in winter – yum!

Josh Niland, the Fish Butchery, Charcoal Fish and St Peters are established icons of Australian seafood with a philosophy that uses almost all of the fish to create a dazzling array of products from fish and chips to charcuterie and even ice cream. Sydneysiders lucky enough to live nearby can also take advantage of some incredible meal kits and easy dinners that are good for your belly and a sustainable seafood industry.

Paul Farag is now executive chef at Noir and Aalia Restaurants.

Recipe – Fish Butchery Fish Pie by Paul Farag


  • 270ml good quality fish stock
  • 25g blonde roux (see method below)
  • 1 bunch of English spinach or Cavalo Nero (a type of kale)
  • 300g diced Ling or Blue Eye Trevalla
  • A small pinch of fennel seeds
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • Black pepper to season


  • 30g plain flour
  • 30g butter


Saute greens until softened and set aside to cool.

Make the roux by melting butter the butter over low heat, add the flour, then cook out using a spatula until blonde in colour. 

Slowly add the fish stock to the roux, stirring constantly, until it becomes a thick sauce.

Add diced fish and poach until the flesh becomes white.

Add spices and seasoning. 

Add greens and then put the mixture aside to cool. 

Take your pie tin (or tins) and with pastry. 

Add the filling, then cover with pastry, and lightly brush with egg wash.

Bake at 190 degrees Celcius (fan forced) for 30 minutes.


South Coast produce is adored among Australia’s chefs and the Narooma Oyster Festival has a great history of bringing the two together, from Colin Fassnidge in 2022 to Julie Goodwin in 2012.

Each year the festival hosts free cooking demonstrations on the Narooma Betta Home Living Cooking Stage and we hope you enjoy recreating this dish for your own table. Remember to support your local growers, oyster farmers and fishermen wherever you can.