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  1. Site applications must be approved by the Festival Manager, and all applications will be notified.
  2. Only those products listed on the original site application and approved for sale can be sold.  If any unapproved products are displayed or sold the site lease will be terminated immediately.
  3. Craft stalls can only sell ‘art & craft’  including valued added products. Applications are governed by the ‘make it’, ‘grow it’ & ‘bake it’ principle. All products must be either made by the trader or their immediate family.  Up to 20% of their display can be commercial.  However, the commercial component must complement the ‘Arts & Craft’ principles of the display.
  4. The stallholder is responsible for any damage to property or people caused through their participation.
  5. The stallholder must have $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and a current copy of their Certificate of Insurance must be submitted with the site application.
  6. The Stallholder will be responsible for all connections from electricity supply.  All electrical installations must comply with AS3000 and AS3002.  The Stallholder will ensure: A) all electrical leads have been tested and have a current certification tag, B) electrical leads do not create trip hazards and C) joints and connections are not accessible to the public or exposed to damp conditions
  7. The allocated site must be left in a clean and tidy state.
  8. The Narooma & District Chamber of Commerce is indemnified against any claims relating to the stall holders activities.
  9. Vehicles can only access the festival area for unloading and reloading.  Vehicles cannot be left in the festival area during trading times without prior approval and vehicle access will only be permitted before 9.00am and after 7pm. Setup can be arranged the day before with prior approval.
  10. The site allocated cannot be altered or changed without permission from the Festival Manager.
  11. Set up is required by 9.30am.
  12. All site fees must be paid on application prior to the festival.
  13. Any breaches of this agreement can result in no further trading by the vendor.
  14. All rubbish must be removed off site by the stallholder.
  15. All stalls must be professionally presented.
  16. All food/beverage containers must be recyclable/biodegradable/compostable.
  17. Narooma Chamber of Commerce is indemnified against any claims relating to health regulations set down by Eurobodalla Council Heath Inspectors.
  18. All stall holders participating in the event are responsible of their own operation and employees and acknowledge that there is no master servant relationship between Narooma Chamber of Commerce & you.
  19. Fees and charges payable to Narooma Chamber of Commerce are non-refundable.