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Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships

Shuckers must be fast and tidy in their presentation. Shell grit? Penalty! A cut in the oyster? Penalty! Blood? Disqualification!

It’s not just the trophy, shield and prize money at stake, the overall winner is invited to represent Australia at the World Oyster Opening Championships in Ireland in September!

Our expert judges are Sydney Royal Aquaculture Chair of Judges John Susman, ABC Radio’s Simon Marnie and one of New Zealand’s finest, Martin Bosley of Yellow Brick Road..

This event is proudly supported by Australia’s Oyster Coast, Australia’s largest producer of Sydney Rock Oysters.

A group of men stand at a bench, they are absorbed in a comcpetition - the be the fastest, neatest shucker for a plate of Rock Oysters.

Men’s Contestants 2023

Winner: Gerard ‘Doody’ Dennis, Batemans Bay

Jim Yiannaros, Batemans Bay Oysters, Clyde River, our current champion!
Greg Carton, Broadwater Oysters, Pambula Lake
Graham ‘Rushy’ Rush, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Burrill Lake
John Yiannaros, Batemans Bay Oysters, Clyde River.
Mark Harris, Harris Oysters, Wagonga Inlet
Jim Wild, Jim Wilds Oysters, Shoalhaven
Travis Jessop, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Batemans Bay
Dominic Boyton, Merimbula Gourmet Oysters, Merimbula Lake
Julian Lobb, Clams Seafood
Shane Russel, Australia’s Oyster Coast
Max Wallis, Australia’s Oyster Coast

A group of women stand at a bench, they are absorbed in a comcpetition - the be the fastest, neatest shucker for a plate of Rock Oysters.

Ladies Contestants 2023

Winner: Sally McLean, Jim Wild’s Oysters, Shoalhaven River, again!

Sue McIntyre Broadwater Oysters, Pambula Lake
Vlassia Yiannaros, Oysters Unplugged, Clyde River
Tanya Hetherington, Broadwater Oysters, Pambula Lake
Jade Norris, Wray Street Oyster Shed, Clyde River
Zoe Jacobson, Tasmanian Champion, Blue Lagoon Oysters, Boomer Bay
Melanie Page, Broadwater Oysters, Pambula Lake
Pippa Boyton, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Merimbula Lake

A group of oyster farmers of all ages stand on the shore of Wagonga Inlet, they each hold up their grande oysters, the biggest of which is 2.74 kiligrams

Australia’s Biggest Oyster 

The hunt for Australia’s Biggest Oyster revealed a bi-valve behemoth in 2024 – a 2.74kg grande grown by Bernie Connell on the Clyde River.

The Shoalhaven and Clyde Rivers are the key producers for these big grandes, and each year you can meet the Farmers and see these huge oysters up close before the competition starts and after the winner is announced.

Each entrant has a health check by veterinarian Dr Kate LeBars of Montague Vets before being weighed and measured by Chef Colin Fassnidge. After the winner is presented with his prize by Devin Watson of Australia’s Oyster Coast, the Farmers hold a meet and greet in front of the stage.

This event is proudly supported by Australia’s Oyster Coast.

2023 Entrants 

‘Georgie’ presented by Jim Yiannaros, Batemans Bay Oysters
‘Banga’ presented by Waite Derwent, Australia’s Oyster Coast, Shoalhaven River
‘Big Bawana’ presented by Benny Mac from Bernie’s at Batehaven, Clyde River
‘Jill’ presented by Bernie from Bernie’s at Batehaven, Clyde River
‘Little Jim III’ presented by Sally McLean, Jim Wild’s Oysters, Shoalhaven River
‘Aphrodite’ presented by Jade Norris, Wray Street Oyster Shed, Clyde River
‘Finneas’ presented by Avia Norris, Wray Street Oyster Shed, Clyde River

Oyster Farmers Alley

One of the biggest attractions for Rock Oyster lovers is the opportunity to taste the merrior of New South Wales estuaries in Oyster Farmers Alley. A patient stroll presents many opportunities for freshly shucked oysters served a variety of ways and to glimpse the shuckers at work.

So far this year we have seven estuaries and 11 oyster farmers offering natural, topped and cooked oysters and some amazing platters, pies and Poboys! You can sign up for shucking lessons, try a native Angasi oyster or even take on a 500g+ Granddaddy Pacific Oyster.

Oyster Farmer’s Alley is included in Saturday General Admission Tickets.

A young man with a blond ponytail and an older man wearing glasses stand in front of an oyster bench.

Out of the Blue Oysters

Wagonga Inlet | Narooma | 36.208, 150.117
• Natural Rock Oysters, shucked and unshucked
• Farm tour bookings

A young woman wearing waders stands on an oyster punt. Behind her are oyster leases in the floating bag method.

Zealand Oysters

Shoalhaven River | Berry’s Canal
• Natural rock oysters, shucked from a uniquely placed farm and family that have been together for over 100 years.
• Cold topped with local finger limes, or a cucumber and dill dressing.

A man with short curly hair and black glasses is taking a selfie. Beind him is an oysters lease in blue waters

Harris Oysters

Wagonga Inlet | Narooma | 36.213, 150.117
• Natural Rock Oysters from the family farm
• Sydney Royal Silver Medal Winner 2023

A very happy husband and wife stand together after winning prizes in Australia's oyster shucking championships

Broadwater Oysters

Pambula Lake | Broadwater | 36.969, 149.884

Shuck Yourself shucking lessons, natural rock oysters
• Contestants in Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships
• Farm Gate at Pambula Lake

A lady with long dark hair and a purple shirt is sorting oysters on an oyster bench

Oyster Pro

Wagonga Inlet | Narooma | 36.222, 150.124
• Rock Oysters, natural and cooked
• Fish balls
• Farm gate sales on Wagonga Inlet, Narooma

A group of three ladies and one man stand behind an oyster stall. They are all smiling and holding each other.

Merimbula Gourmet Oysters

Merimbula Lake | Millangandi | 36.901, 149.878
• Cold topped rock oysters, smoked angasi oysters, natural angasi oysters.
• Contestants in Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships
• Farm Gate at Millingandi, Merimbula Lake

A woman wearing an apron and a belt with 3 steel buckets is shucking oysters and handing them out to oyster lovers.

Oysters Unplugged

Clyde River | Batemans Bay | 35.697, 150.174
•Roving shuckers with Batemans Bay Oysters
•Entrant Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships

A seafood platter with half lobster, rock oysters, red prawns, salad and lemon.

Banjos Oysters

Wallaga Lake | 36.372, 150.062
• Natural Rock Oysters
• Oyster PoBoy
• Seafood platters with lobster, prawns, rock oysters, potato salad and green salad
• Available at Canberra Farmers Market and south coast markets

Four young women stand together behind an oyster bench, they are all smiling

The Farm Gate on Wray Street

Clyde River | Batemans Bay | 35.699, 150.180
• Rock Oysters
• Pacific Oysters (small, large and grandaddys)
• Seafood platters with Rock Oysters, prawns and smoked salmon
• Smiths Pies Tasmania
• Entrant Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships

A clear blue day on the water. An oyster farmer is wearing waders and standing in the stern of a tinny as he drives it.

Brian Orr

Wapengo Lake | Wapengo | 36.728, 149.987
• Natural Rock Oysters
• Smoked Rock Oyster Pate
• Sales from the family butchery at Mimosa Meats, Tathra

Four men and women stand behind a stall. They all wear blue cotton shirts that read Australias' Oyster Coast' The stall has rock oysters, caviar and menues

Australia’s Oyster Coast, multiple estuaries

• Natural Rock, Pacific and Angasi Oysters with optional Yarra Valley Caviar
• Roving shuckers
• Sydney Royal Gold Medals for bistro size Rock Oysters from Shoalhaven River and Merimbula Lake; Silver & Bronze for Wapengo Lake
• Sydney Royal Bronze Medals for bottle size Rock Oysters from Shoalhaven River, Wapengo Lake, Wagonga Inlet and Wapengo Lake
• Entrants in Australia’s Biggest Oyster and Australia’s Oyster Shucking Championships