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Like a pet parade, but for giant oysters!

Australia’s Biggest Oyster is a bit like a pet parade for oysters and their growers. The competition was launched in 2019, after we attempted to enter the Guinness Book of Records with what we thought was the World’s Biggest Oyster. It turned out out the way we measure ‘big’ was different to theirs – we go by weight, whereas the world record is set by length. Our current record is held by ‘Jill’ a 2.74kg whopper grown by champion Bernie Connell in the Clyde River at Batemans Bay.

This festival favourite shines a light on the Pacific Oyster, a species that can grow to weigh several kilograms and live for up to a decade!

Dr Kate LeBars from Montague Vets ensures each oyster is clean and healthy before it is weighed. If there is a tie (which happened in 2022), out comes the measuring tape to see who has the longest shell. After the winner is crowned, you can meet the farmers and see the oysters up close.

This event is proudly supported by Australia’s Oyster Coast, Australia’s largest producer of Sydney Rock Oysters.

Australias Oyster Coast manager Davin, chef colin Fassnidge and farmer Berni Connell stand together after Berni won Australias Biggest Oyster in 2023.


1 Jill Bernie Connell Bernie Connell, Clyde River 2.74kg
2 The Big Bwana Benny Mac Bernie Connell, Clyde River 2.35kg
3 Nick Kagiassis Batemans Bay Oysters, Clyde River 2.02kg
4 Georgie John Yiannaros Batemans Bay Oysters, Clyde River 2.17kg
5 Finneas Avia Norris Farm Gate on Wray Street, Clyde River 1.75kg
6 Aphrodite Jade Norris Farm Gate on Wray Street, Clyde River 1.75kg
7 Banga Waite Derwent Australia’s Oyster Coast, Greenwell Point 1.58kg
8 Little Jim III Sally McLean Jim Wild’s Oysters, Greenwell Point 1.45kg


Oyster farmer Kirk Hargreaves holds his winning oyster high above his head in victory, it weighs almost 2 kilograms.

Australia’s Biggest Oyster in 2022 was a close call after two grandes came in at exactly the same weight – 2.71 kilograms.

Out came the measuring tape, with ‘Uncle Ray’ by Clyde River farmer Kirk Hargreaves winning with one centimetre over Bernie Connell’s ‘Jill’.

A group of 7 oyster farmers, men and women, stand on the stage holding their huge oysters.


Paul West (mc) and Bernie Connell (oyster grower) on the stage with Jill, bernie's huge pacific oyster.

‘Jack’ Bernie Connell, from Clyde River, with his oyster, ‘Jack’, weighing 2.71kg. ‘Jack’ also won the competition back in 2018.

In second place was Kirk Hargreaves, from Clyde River, with his oyster, ‘Uncle Ray’, weighing 2.33kg. In third place was Vlasia Yiannaros, also from Clyde River, with ‘Georgie’ weighing 1.89kg. In fourth place was Sally McLean, from Shoalhaven River, with ‘Little Jim’ weighing 1.32kg.


'Hagrid' was Australia's Biggest Oyster in 2019 and is pictured with its grower, a young man with a big smile.

Five-year-old Pacific oyster ‘Hagrid’ from the Clyde River won in 2019.  ‘Hagrid’ weighed in at 2.25kg, and was grown by Martin Jackson of Southern Oyster Culture.

Hagrid pipped last year’s international celebrity winner ‘Jack’ who weighed 2.18kg. Owner Bernie Connell said ‘Jack’ had spawned in the last week or so following pre-festival media attention, and lost several hundred grammes in the process.

A vet, 2 oyster farmers and mc stand together. The farmers are holding two of the biggest oysters you have ever seen - at just over 2kg each.
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