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Hao Chen prepares tastings in bamboo boats, next to the boats is a kingfish frame, expertly sashimi

Kingfish Sashimi with Yuzu Truffle Dressing with Raku Dining

A plate of curry, with rice, yellow sauce, fish, lemongrass, coconut and vegetables

Fish Curry with Lemongrass & Coconut by Courtney Roulston

A bamboo steamer sits on a bench with the lid off. Inside are 20 dumplings, the dumpling wrappers are made of eggplant and filled with a creamy prawn stuffing.

Eggplant & Prawn Dumplings by Serif Kaya, The Ottoman

Seared Tuna with Eggplant Relish by Serif Kaya, The Ottoman

A tray of premium, plump, yellow sea urchin tongues sit atop a pile of spiky purple urchins.

Crumpets with Sea Urchin Garnish by Elodie Marion, Mimi’s

Kaki Fry with Oroshi Ponzu and shredded cabbage

Kaki Fry with Oroshi Ponzu by Belinda Dorsett, Mossy Group

Rock Oysters with Chef Hao Chen, Raku Dining

Jill off the menu, recognised as world’s heaviest oyster

Fun for the kids at the Narooma Oyster Festival!

We won at the Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards!

people watching a speaker

Discover Seafood Secrets from Narooma’s Guest Chefs

Australia's Biggest Oyster 2023 Contenders

A pet parade like no other – Australia’s Biggest Oysters are coming!

MGZS Excite

Drawn at the Festival on Saturday, May 4 at 4pm!