Discover Seafood Secrets from Narooma’s Guest Chefs

Yuzu, sea urchins, whole fish and whole lot of Rock Oysters – our hatted and celebrated chefs have a lot planned for the Betta Home Living Cooking Demonstration Program this year!

Fresh seafood is the star, from Narooma and across New South Wales thanks to support from the NSW Seafood Industry Council. What these chefs plan do with it may come as a surprise. Crumpets are involved, sashimi will shine, oysters are crumbed or topped with delectable delicacies.

There’s also $2000 in kitchen gadgets from Narooma Betta Home Living to be won, making cooking their recipes at home even more fun.

Entry is included in your Saturday General Admission Ticket, you will also get all the recipe cards to take home and a tasting if you’re lucky!

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Betta Home Living Cooking Demonstration Program

Chef Courtney Roulston, Farm to Fork, Sydney Swans

Recipe: Fish Curry with Lemongrass & Coconut

We are delighted to welcome back the impossibly talented Chef Courtney Roulston to our cooking demonstration stage for the third time – and her first time cooking!

Known for her charm, efficiency, excellent taste in food, fashion and destination holidays, Courtney brings a recipe that promises to warm the heart and rejuvenate the palate—a delightful Fish Curry with Lemongrass & Coconut.

Courtney first captured the hearts of Australians as a finalist on MasterChef Australia in 2010, and she has since become a culinary force, juggling roles that span from being the Head Chef for the Sydney Swans AFL Team for over a decade to an ambassador for Coles Supermarkets and Second Bite Charity. Her dedication to creating nourishing, flavour-packed meals shines through in her work, ensuring that each dish feeds the stomach and the soul.

Cooking for you for the first time this year, Courtney’s demo will focus on a versatile seafood curry that can adapt to the catch of the day, whether that be a rich mix of prawns, squid, mussels, and fish, or simply the best fish the market has to offer. It’s perfect for seafood lovers.

Courtney’s approachable style and expert tips will make mastering this dish a breeze! 

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Courtney Roulston - Farm to Fork

Chef Hao Chen – Raku Dining, Canberra


– NSW Kingfish Sashimi w Yuzu Truffle Dressing

– Rock Oysters with Tosazu dressing

Get ready to be captivated by the artistry of Chef Hao Chen, sushi master and innovative visionary. It’s more than food, it’s culinary art at its peak! Chef Hao has two stunning dishes for us: Kingfish Sashimi with Yuzu Truffle Dressing and Rock Oysters with Tosazu Dressing.

Awarded a prestigious Chef’s Hat in 2023 by the Australian Good Food Guide, Hao’s creations at Raku in Canberra have been described as “art on plate”—a testament to his meticulous technique and creative flair. With Raku also taking home the Reader’s Choice Award for Japanese fare, Hao’s reputation for excellence is undisputed. His journey from a computer science aspirant in Shanghai to a celebrated chef in Australia is a tale of passion and perseverance.

Hao switched from coding to slicing in the kitchens of the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai, before moving to Sydney and finally Canberra, where he opened Raku. His food is a reflection of his journey—combining the delicate balance of traditional Japanese cuisine with bold, contemporary influences.

Hao will be assisted by sushi chef Ben Exaure, demonstrating precision and speed needed when the ingredients are as delicate as this. The Kingfish Sashimi is an ode to simplicity and elegance, enhanced by a yuzu truffle dressing that adds a luxurious depth. Meanwhile, the Rock Oysters are dressed with Tosazu—a vinegar-based dressing—balancing their natural brininess with a subtle acidity.

This cooking demonstration is an opportunity to witness a master at work, to learn about the discipline and creativity that define haute cuisine.

Raku founder Chef Hao Chen holds a sushi board with 6 delectable looking suhsi treats.
Chef Hao Chen, founder of Raku, Canberra.

Chef Serif Kaya – The Ottoman, Canberra


Seared Local Yellow Fin Tuna with Eggplant Relish 

Eggplant & Prawn Dumplings.

Known for his inventive approach and mastery over Turkish-inspired cuisine, Chef Kaya brings a touch of his renowned style from The Ottoman in Canberra in two exceptional dishes: Seared Local Yellow Tuna with Eggplant Relish and Eggplant Dumplings. 

Chef Kaya’s journey is one of passion and resilience. His culinary style has always stood out. His early days in Manuka laid the foundation for a 20 year career defined by creativity and flair, until global pandemic shut down plans to move to another venue in 2021. The upcoming reopening of The Ottoman in May marks a new chapter for Serif and his family.

The Seared Local Yellow Fin Tuna, accompanied by a vibrant eggplant relish, celebrates a seasonal favourite with a touch of Turkish elegance. (We have other plans for that eggplant relish too!) Meanwhile, the Eggplant Dumplings will be a demystifying experience on how to transform simple ingredients into gourmet fare.

This is your chance to experience the culinary artistry of a chef who cooks with flair—confidence, style, originality, and verve. Whether you’re a longtime fan of The Ottoman or can’t wait to return later in may, these demonstrations are an opportunity to witness the craftsmanship of one of Canberra’s most adored culinary stars.

Legendary chef Serif Kaya is standing in an orchard with his arms folded, smiling at the camera.
Chef Serif Kaya, founder of The Ottoman, Canberra, set to reopen in May.

Chef Elodie Marion, Head Pastry Chef, Mimi’s Sydney

Recipe: Crumpets with Sea Urchin Garnish. 

Mimi’s Sydney Pastry Head Chef Elodie Marion is set to charm festival-goers with a dish that beautifully marries traditional patisserie with the fresh flavours of the sea – Crumpets with Sea Urchin Garnish. 

Chef Elodie’s passion for pastry began under the tutelage of her mother and grandmother, sparking a lifelong passion for culinary arts and leading her to an already distinguished career. It includes some prestigious kitchens, including the Sheraton on the Park and various high-profile Merivale venues like Fred’s, where she refined her craft alongside top chefs.

Since helping to launch the dreamy, waterfront dining experience that is Mimi’s at Coogee Pavilion in 2020, Elodie has continued to captivate Sydney’s food scene with her innovative desserts, such as the recent Bombe Alaska Flambe. Her approach is simple yet revolutionary—melding classic techniques with exceptional ingredients to create unforgettable dining experiences.

During her demo at the Narooma Betta Home Living Cooking Demonstration Program, Elodie will show us how to prepare her signature crumpets and take them to the next level with sea urchins.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to see Chef Elodie in action. It’s not just a demonstration; it’s an exploration of flavour that pairs the comforting warmth of homemade crumpets with the decadent brininess of sea urchins.

A woman stands in a kitchen in her whites and has ingredients laid out before her. She is about to make crumpets.
Elodie Marion - Head Pastry Chef, Mimi's Sydney.

Belinda Dorsett, Mossy Group

Recipe: Kaki Fry with Oroshi Ponzu Dipping Sauce & Shaved Cabbage

The program opens with a taste of local brilliance by chef Belinda Dorsett, founder of The Mossy Cafe Group, a celebrated trio of cafes in Eurobodalla’s most beautiful havens and all destinations in their own right.

Belinda will be cooking up a storm with a surprise crumbed oyster dish guaranteed to delight seafood enthusiasts – a Kaki Fry with Oroshi Ponzu dipping sauce & shaved cabbage. It’s a dish that perfectly encapsulates her approach to food: simple ingredients turned into satisfying, memorable meals.

Belinda’s culinary journey started in 2016, when she found herself transforming a heritage-listed corner café into a waterfront hotspot for food lovers at Mossy Point, situated beautifully between Moruya and Batemans Bay. Her passion for restaurant-quality café cuisine led her from Canberra to the coast, where she not only pursued a chef’s apprenticeship but also nurtured a vision for creating welcoming spaces that where casual dining meets hyper-local ingredients, served in rooms hung with creations from the vibrant local art scene.

Whether you’re already a fan or yet to discover her hospitality, try to pay a visit to discover the all-day brunch menus at Mossy Cafe, the serene environment of Mossy on gardens at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens, or the grab-and-go delights from Mossy on Train.

Belinda Dorsett- The Mossy Cafe Group, Eurobodalla
Belinda Dorsett - The Mossy Cafe Group, Eurobodalla