Be the first to do our Champagne & Oyster Masterclass!

Join us for our very first Champagne & Oyster Masterclass on Saturday, May 4!

More than a tasting—it’s an exploration of taste and culture and a journey through France’s hallowed Champagne vineyards and New South Wales’ own Rock Oyster Country.

A caucasian hand with painted nails and engagement rings holds a freshly shucked rock oyster, there is a lglass of champagne in the background.
A new masterclass celebrating Champagne and Oysters is set for Saturday, May 4.

Led by John Noble from the Champagne Bureau, this masterclass will explore the synergy between the terroir of Champagne and the merroir of Rock Oyster Country. Much more than a palate pleaser, it’s also an a deeper look into how environmental factors and cultivation techniques influence the individual and collective flavours of this classic celebratory combination.

The masterclass will feature a tasting of six Champagne cuvées, each selected to highlight the diversity of Champagne wines. These will be paired with award-winning Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Gold Medalist Rock Oysters from locations like Wapengo Lake, Wallis Lake, Pambula Lake and Nelson Lagoon.

It’s a focused but friendly hour of tasting that connects the chalky soils and unique climates of Champagne vineyards with the unique qualities of New South Wales’ estuaries, the home of wild caught Rock Oysters.

Held at 3.30pm on Saturday, May 4, it’s a great way to end your festival experience.

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