Mimi’s Head Pastry Chef Elodie Marion all set for Narooma!

Mimi's pastry queen picks Narooma's seafood delicacies

Catch Elodie in the Betta Home Living Cooking Demonstration Program at Narooma Oyster Festival on Saturday May 4.

A woman stands in a kitchen in her whites and has ingredients laid out before her. She is about to make crumpets.
Elodie Marion - Head Pastry Chef, Mimi's Sydney.

Pâtissier extraordinaire Elodie Marion of Mimi’s Sydney is bringing her signature crumpets to Narooma Oyster Festival to top them with none other than the best local seafood. The culinary artist has set her sights on either sea urchin or lobster, depending on availability, and frankly we can’t wait to add this recipe to our books. 

Elodie’s was pivotal in opening the dreamy waterfront fine-dining experience that is Mimi’s at Coogee Pavilion in 2020. She is still creating the most amazing treats today (check out her recent Bombe Alaska Flambe), but her culinary journey began in her childhood, captivated by the artistry of her mother and grandmother in the kitchen.
This early inspiration fuelled her passion for cooking, leading her to pursue a career in the culinary arts, specialising in patisserie.
Over the past decade, Elodie has honed her skills across various facets of the food industry. Her journey has taken her to prestigious hotel kitchens, including a notable stint at the Sheraton on the Park. Transitioning to restaurants, she furthered her expertise, delving deeper into her culinary craft.
In 2015, Elodie embarked on a significant chapter in her career, joining Merivale. Collaborating with esteemed chefs like Jordan Toft and Danielle Alvarez, she found herself immersed in a world of culinary innovation. It was during her tenure at Fred’s alongside Danielle Alvarez that Elodie discovered her profound affinity for crafting dishes with exquisite ingredients, aiming to orchestrate unforgettable dining experiences.
In 2020, Elodie’s journey reached a pinnacle as she played a pivotal role in the opening of Mimi’s restaurant.
As Head Pastry Chef, she continues to lead the pastry department with unwavering dedication and creativity, ensuring that every dessert is a testament to her culinary prowess and passion for creating culinary magic.

Entry to the Cooking Program is included in Saturday General Admission.